be more than a pretty face

Linda M. Crate

you want acceptance yet refuse

to accept others,

and you want respect that you

deny to give to anyone else;

and you want to be loved but you don’t

love anyone—

you’re not entitled to someone

just because you want them,

and i don’t know why some people seem

to fail to recognize this;

maybe if you respected others and accepted

people for who they were then they would

like you in reply—

it is not a hard concept to understand,

and yet you make it seem as if it some formula

in mathematics that is complicated

to understand;

if you want to be accepted as you are

then accept others for who they are in return—

if you cannot do that then don’t expect

people to fawn over you,

we’ve come to realize that a book cover

doesn’t necessarily define a book;

just as a pretty face doesn’t necessarily make

someone a good person.