criticize yourselves instead

Linda M. Crate

i am never enough

no matter how hard i try,

and i am sick of 

everyone and all of their needs;

i try my best

yet somehow i am not

good enough—

i am only human,

not the savior they want;

i am so tired of being expected

to meet the expectations of everyone’s prayers

when i am begging the universe for a life where

i can truly thrive instead of simply existing—

working hard truly gets you nowhere

because everyone always expects more

than you have to give,

and i am sick of them giving themselves

compassion and empathy and grace when they

are unable to get everything done but not

extending the same to me;

if i didn’t ask for your criticism then don’t give it to me

because i am done being criticized for how i feel,

think, or do things for the rest of my life.